Nick Wong full stack developer from hawaii

Howzit! I'm Nick. 🤙🏼

Howzit! I'm Nick. 🤙🏼

I'm a native Hawaiian student, experienced software developer, interface designer, and entrepreneur studying Computer Science + Entrepreneurship with an emphasis in Ethics at UC Berkeley in order to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture through economic development, specifically by leveraging high-growth, technology startups.

Startups are vehicles of social, political, economic, and environmental change that, when done correctly, enable individuals and their communities with upward mobility. I dream of founding companies that solve real problems in my local community to enrich and diversify our local economy.

I'm currently actualizing this dream by,

  • 🔗 Building a developer tool for integrations at Paragon
  • 📧 Delivering value through software engineering, UI/UX design, and developer advocacy under native Hawaiian CEO Hoala Greevy for @Paubox (Series A)
  • 🧓🏼 Founding a mobile platform to ease the stress for home caregivers
  • 🌎 Leading a club at UC Berkeley to develop web apps for non-profits pro bono with @Blueprint: Technology for Non-Profits
  • 🤙🏼 Helping to lead and organize a social entrepreneurship camp for Hawaiʻi's youth @Nalukai Foundation

Feel free to check out my past projects and experiences, my resume, my manifesto, and the story of when my high school thought I hacked them.

Nick Wong full stack developer from hawaii
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