My Work

College in The Bay

School Year 2018 - 19


In the fall of 2018, I started my freshman year at the University of California, Berkeley. I am an intended Computer Science major with thoughts about pursuing either a Business degree at the Haas School of Business or a degree in Operations Research and Management Science.

Nalukai 2018

Summer 2018

Project Management

In the process of designing, sliding down, and updating this card.

Summer 2015 - 18

Founder & Full-stack Developer

Please hang on, page in progress... it's midterm season.

Nalukai 2017

Summer 2017

Mentor & Media Team Intern

The second iteration of Nalukai was completely different than the first. Through the implementation of a meticulous schedule, a 10x increase of guest speakers, and new learning environment, Nalukai 2.0 was, in my opinion, a large leap in an amazing direction. The 10-day camp was packed with a schedule that encompassed work “sprints”, interactive lectures, guest-speakers, and allocated time for the personal well-being of the campers. Speakers and guests from venture capital firms, tech-company powerhouses like Facebook and, and educational institutions like Stanford created a powerful network that campers could tap into. On top of the changes in the curriculum, to be able to work out of Hawaiʻi Preparatory Academy's Energy Lab only contributed to the electrifying nuances of innovation, education, and entrepreneurship.

San Francisco

Spring 2017

Student, Networker, Observer

In the spring of my junior year, and after a few meetings with Kamehameha Schools’ administration, I was given the opportunity to travel to San Francisco. For a while then, especially after Nalukai, I wanted to travel to the Bay Area to experience the zeitgeist of the tech capital of the world. During my spring break I, along with my mom, Pakalani Bello from Kamehameha Schools’ Communications, and Ken Chong from ReVisualEyeZ media toured headquarters of some of the world’s most famous technology companies. Utilizing my professional network at home, and my growing network in the Bay, I setup meetings with venture capitalists, developers at companies like Google and eBay, and even Kamehameha alumni in the tech industry. The week-long expedition filled with tours, college-visits, and meetings solidified my love for the area, and opened many doors for further opportunity.


Summer 2016

Camper, Developer,
Project Manager

I was very fortunate to be a part of the very first Nalukai Camp. Nalukai Academy is a ten-day intensive technology, entrepreneurship, and design camp for Hawaii high school students hosted with the goal of ushering in the next generation of intelligent, collaborative business professionals. The camp covered a multitude of different subject areas such as management and computer science, design thinking, and large scale digital projects.

Na‘auao Project Prototype

Winter 2015

Development Lead

With eight school periods, multiple advance classes, sports, extracurriculars, and making websites it can be kind of tough keeping track of homework. That’s what Na’auao’s prototype is here to combat. A digital planner that helps keep track of all those tests, quizzes, and projects.

Hawaii Water And Drainage

Fall 2015

Development Lead & Web Master

Being able to connect to potential clients quickly and effectively is a problem many business have today. Though my work with Hawaii Water and Drainage I was able to help fix this problem. Utilizing my web design and webmaster skills I was able to put up a clean website that allowed HWAD to display their work to potential clients.


Summer 2015

Solo Developer & Web Master

The start of a new semester marks a time where my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds are filled with countless screenshots of my classmate’s schedules. KSCTool removes the need for these posts cluttering my social media feeds. Through KSCTool, classmates are able to log on via their school KSConnect accounts (student info) and instantly receive lists filled with other students that share the same class.

uAchieve Learning Center

Summer 2015

Solo Dev. & Web Master

For uAchieve Learning Center I provided a simplistic method of handling sign-ups. Through the website I built, parents can easily register their children into the learning center. Utilizing a mobile-first, responsive design approach, uAchieve is able to reach out to more customers online. Giving users of all devices a beautiful visual experience. I am the webmaster of their website handing their domain, SEO, and server.

JP Newmann Photography

Summer 2014

Development Lead

JP Newmann Photography originally was a small idea JP and I had to generate small income for our upcoming trip to Europe. I was 14 and it was one of my earliest entrepreneurial endeavors. I contributed my knowledge of making websites and JP supplied the photography he took weekly.