Summer 2015

Solo Dev. & Web Master

Last Update: Fall 2015

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The start of a new semester marks a time where my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds are filled with countless screenshots of my classmate’s schedules. KSCTool removes the need for these posts cluttering my social media feeds. Through KSCTool, classmates are able to log on via their school KSConnect accounts (student info) and instantly receive lists filled with other students that share the same class.

KSCTool works off of virality. The more the app is used by my fellow students, the more the rosters will fill. This yields more names that a student can view.

A New Experience

The making of KSCTool was a great adventure. Through the process I learned a lot, from monitoring server traffic live to being able to psychologically handle the process of debugging a few hundred lines of code. Along the way, I was able to receive help from my friends at Dev League and SudoKrew as well as my friend Makoa. With their input, and with dedication I was able to create an application that helps hundreds of students.