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Summer 2016

Camper, Web Master, Developer, Project Manager

Last Update: Summer 2016

I was very fortunate to be a part of the very first Nalukai Camp. Nalukai Academy is a ten-day intensive technology, entrepreneurship, and design camp for Hawaii high school students hosted with the goal of ushering in the next generation of intelligent, collaborative business professionals. The camp covered a multitude of different subject areas such as management and computer science, design thinking, and large scale digital projects.

Nalukai was truly an amazing experience for me. There, I was able to find people as driven and invested in their field as I am. Nalukai was the first environment that I was given the opportunity to collaborate with these types of kids who have put in so much time like I have to master their craft, whether it’d be photography, videography, design, or programming.

Here’s an excerpt from a writing piece I did at the camp:

Fifty lines deep in code I had a realization. Frantically bashing on my keyboard, I paused to take a look around. What I saw truly reassured me that I found my element, and that I’m truly where I’m supposed to be. My friends, despite only physically meeting them fourty-eight hours ago, were all having professional conversations about things that they all are passionate and brilliant at. Looking left, the photographers were deep in a conversation about how a certain ISO would affect the composition of an image. To my right, others were “wired in” on all of the design and digital media work we were given that day. Across the room, some collaborated on microwave designs, while others were deep into a prototyping process. A grin shot across my face and for the first time, I felt like the pieces were fitting together.