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Last Update: Summer 2018

HackTheHill assists Kamehameha Schools students in planning their class schedules. Users have the ability to cross-match their schedules, allowing them to find others with similar schedules and classes. Released during my freshman year of high school, the app amassed 800 students in the first 24 hours. HackTheHill received praise from the Hawaiʻi Venture Capital Association and helped me earn Finalist recognition as Hawaiʻi's Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018.

A scan of a wireframe mockup from the React.js redesign.

Since launching in 2015, I’ve iterated upon the application every year–changing the user interface, updating legacy methods and technologies, and envisioning other uses for the technology. After completely updating system processes this summer, the improved application performed relatively seamlessly–amassing 800 students in the first 24 hours of uptime and 1,018 students in total. HackTheHill represents my efforts of propelling my school community into the 21st century.

HackTheHill is written with JavaScript on both the front and back ends of the application. Utilizing open-source software, React.JS, and Node.js, I am able to leverage the vast reach and power of the JavaScript eco-system to power my easy-to-deploy app. Coupled with the SQL Database, I have new web technologies with industry standard to create a more efficient program. I hope to further my skillset in this capacity through the creation of more web applications in the future.