Trendy Hipster Bullshit

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Web Application, Full-Stack Development, Full-Stack Javascript, Social Media, Entrepreneurship

Last Update: June 2019

$20 avocado toast. $7 espresso topped off with your face drawn in creamer. Gentrification. These are just a few of the things that we observe “those millennials,” hipsters as they prefer being referred to as, indulge themselves in while working at your local cafe. What’s better than a hand-crafted, drop-shipped, subscription box of merch that broadcasts to the world and your thousands of Instagram followers how much of a Trendy Hipster millennial you really are. I’m kidding. It’s just a funny sticker.

In order to truly draw out the satire in this, of course I had to develop a “Trendy Hipster Shop” to sell my “Trendy Hipster Stickers.” All silliness aside, the technicalities and hacky “developer operations” leveraged behind the online storefront are pretty clever. I used GitHub pages to host the frontend content for free, registered the domain for free under credit from a hackathon, and configured a Google Spreadsheet on steroids for backend operations.

Can I interest you in a Trendy Hipster baseball cap?